Instagram Launches NFTs in Over 100 Countries

Despite Meta’s noble intentions with digital reality, the public response is not optimistic.

Instagram Launches NFTs in Over 100 Countries

The Meta-owned Instagram has announced that the NFT feature will soon be available in 100 additional countries. The regions include the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middles East, and Africa.

The first testing of the NFT feature took place in July, which allowed Instagram users to display their own NFT collections and was available to only a limited number of creators in the United States. Meta also supports wallet connections with the Coinbase Wallet, Flow blockchain, and Dapper as a third-party wallet for use.

“Every day, creators inspire people and push culture forward around the world. With the incredible opportunity of blockchain technology, they can now leverage new tools to earn income, and fans can support their favorite creators by purchasing digital collectibles – art, images and videos, music, or trading cards – as non-fungible tokens (NFTs)” a Meta official announced.

However, the public perception does not seem very positive. 77% of people stated that they did not want Meta to build a Metaverse but rather wished a decentralized platform would embark on this venture.

Recently, to further show the determination to grow in the Metaverse space, Meta company filed five new trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including an application for a crypto payment.

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