NFTs Became a $40 Billion Industry in 2021

New estimates reveal an astonishing number of combined NFT share prices.

NFTs Became a $40 Billion Industry in 2021

2021 saw an unprecedented explosion in the popularity of non-fungible tokens. While they have been around for quite a few years now, they have experienced a real boom just last year. In the latest Bloomberg article, their revealed total market value is astounding.

Their estimate is based on blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis Inc. data and confirms that almost $41 billion worth of cryptocurrency was received by two Ethereum contracts that are connected to NFT collections.

The mind-blowing number further cements NFT’s position on the market, with celebrity names backing it, such as Shawn Mendes, Paris Hilton, or recently even the former first lady, Melania Trump.

The support does not end there, however, as the gaming giant GameStop announced just yesterday that they are planning to integrate NFTs and create a platform to sell and buy gaming collectibles. They have already revealed a webpage dedicated to this platform.

Unsurprisingly, the shares of the company have skyrocketed overnight and are currently up 31%.

It seems that guessing the next celebrity or company to join the NFT support has become a game of worldwide Bingo, as more and more of them jump on the bandwagon. And as we can see with the latest GameStop example, announcing your NFT support pays off.

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