NFTs to Be the New Court Serving Method in the UK

A UK judge makes history by approving an NFT serving via blockchain.

NFTs to Be the New Court Serving Method in the UK

In the UK, a judge has now legalized court servings to be served on a blockchain in the form of an NFT, Bloomberg confirms. Albeit NFTs are generally artwork, they may also appear as legal documents such as certificates of authenticity.

The idea of being served with an NFT first arose when the founder of an online gambling company, Fabrizio D’Aloia, filed a claim stating that, while under the safekeeping of the brokerages, his crypto assets had been cloned.

The NFT will be submitted by airdropping the lawsuit documents into a couple of wallets, previously used by D’Aloia, that had been swiped by the scammers.

This legalization means that other victims of crypto scams can sue the culprits without even knowing their identity. Similarly, last month, a United States court also authorized court service through an NFT.

UK authorities already have some experience with executing their goals through blockchain. Last year, a blockchain network was used to deal with regulatory reporting. Overall, the UK seems to be embracing blockchain and crypto quite readily.

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