PhD. Hitoshi Matsushima wants to create a Digital Court built on Blockchain

PhD. Hitoshi Matsushima wants to create a Digital Court built on Blockchain

PhD Hitoshi Matsushima began researching and studying Mechanism with blockchain enforcement last month, which he created with the idea of ​​applying this technology and creating a digital court.

“We design the digital court, a smart contract that identifies and punishes agents who reneged on the agreement.” stated PhD. by Hitoshi Matsushima

Digital Court will replace law enforcement tasks in the traditional mechanism paradigm. The professor argues that any agreement that is enforceable in the context of law enforcement can also be implemented through the enforcement of the digital court. They are currently studying ways to use true reports from a small number of agents to create the desired solution for the digital court.

Our digital court has a unique equilibrium as long as there is a positive fraction of behavioral agents, and it gives correct judgment in the equilibrium if honest agents are more likely to exist than dishonest agents.” stated PhD. by Hitoshi Matsushima

The Intelligent Contracts Platform is already in place and the self-regulatory mechanisms proposed in the document can be used also today.

Our digital court can be used for implementing general agreements, it does not leak the detailed information about the agreement even if it is deployed on a public blockchain (e.g., Ethereum) as a smart contract.” stated PhD. by Hitoshi Matsushima

Read: Mechanism Design with Blockchain Enforcement


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