Recent rumors say PayPal is offering up to $ 500M to acquire crypto startup firm Curv

Recent rumors say PayPal is offering up to $ 500M to acquire crypto startup firm Curv
  • After PayPal decided to accept cryptocurrencies and started a global cryptocurrency campaign, it is considering acquiring crypto firm Curv.
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Rumors that PayPal, as a payment giant, is considering acquiring the crypto startup Curv are currently a hot topic, but it’s no wonder. According to anonymous sources, which reproduced the Israeli medium Calcalist and the crypto portal Coindesk, the offer is estimated to be up to $ 500 million.

An anonymous source first stated:

PayPal is buying Curv for $500 million,

From where I’m hearing it, I’m pretty sure it’s true.

The source also said that this is highly probable because PayPal has already made large acquisitions in the past when it acquired, for example, the Venmo mobile payment service.

PayPal has made some great acquisitions in the past such as Vemno, and now they want to own something in crypto,

one of the sources told CoinDesk.

Since Curv focuses on institutional standards for digital asset security and offers a cloud-based wallet that gives bulletproof protection, the acquisition by PayPal could trigger a real global revolution in the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Curv also states that their wallet is immediately available, offers complete autonomy in all your digital assets, and is powered by revolutionary cryptography.

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