Total US Debt is more than 30 times larger than the BTC market cap

Total US Debt is more than 30 times larger than the BTC market cap
  • The Bitcoin market cap is only a small fraction compared to the total US debt.

CaseBitcoin analysts have prepared a really interesting comparison of the Bitcoin market cap for us today, specifically with the US debt and also with the US budget deficit in 2020.

In the first case, this is a really big difference when we start from the current numbers.

As you can see, the total US debt is currently around $ 28T, which is more than 30 times the BTC market cap, which is at the level of $ 0.9T. So in case the US decides to repay this debt with Bitcoin, you would have to collect all the existing BTCs and clone them at least 30 more times.

However, the second comparison is also interesting, which looked at the US budget deficit in 2020.

In this case, the current BTC market cap would also not be enough, as the US budget deficit was at $ 3.8T in 2020. 

Bitcoin reached its ATH in the market cap just recently when it exceeded $ 1 trillion, but it has not been able to maintain this value for a long time.

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