Samsung focuses on Crypto data security

Samsung focuses on Crypto data security

pic. Samsung

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., yesterday introduced a Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 5+ certified Secure Element (SE) solution for mobile devices.

Strong security measures have become a crucial feature in today’s smart devices as they evolve into essential tools that hold the key to our personal data connected to various services such as the cloud and financial transactions,” said Dongho Shin, senior vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung has a long and proven history in security solutions such as smart card ICs, IoT processors and other semiconductor products that require robust security. Our new turnkey SE solution for mobile devices will not only keep user data safer on the go but also enable new mobile applications that will broaden and enrich our everyday lives.”said Samsung

The new Samsung solution is a strongbox that secures confidential and cryptographic data:

  • Pin numbers
  • Passwords
  • Cryptocurrency credentials
  • Checking e-mails
  • Making online payments to replacing house keys and airplane tickets

As one of the market leaders in technology, Samsung support cryptocurrencies users and this this solution is uses on the new models Galaxy S20.


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