Savedroid's Publicity Stunt : So-Called 'Exit Scam'

Savedroid's Publicity Stunt : So-Called 'Exit Scam'

On Wednesday, the company’s website went unexpectedly offline and was showing just a meme that said: “Aannnd it’s gone.”

Immediately after, Yassin Hankir, founder and CEO of Savedroid, published an image on Twitter that shows him on an airport and in a paradisiac beach.

“Thanks guys! Over and out… #savedroidICO,” he wrote on Twitter.

The media started to cover that Savedroid disappeared and left its users without their funds and without knowing how everything was going to continue for them. It was a very stressful situation and caused people to feel very upset about it.

Apparently, the ICO is not a scam and did not steal its users, but it was a publicity stunt that the company carried out to gain media attention.

We call it really silly and unprofessional, read more below:


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