Since the market crash in March are 83% Bitcoin addresses in profit

Since the market crash in March are 83% Bitcoin addresses in profit

According to the latest statistics, which track unique Bitcoin addresses and their average purchase prices, 83% of BTC addresses are in profit status up to 43%, since the March dump.

  • The percentage of unique addresses whose funds have an average buy price that is lower than the current price. “Buy price” is here defined as the price at the time coins were transferred into an address.

We can see the best period on the chart, which was at the end of 2017, when almost all addresses were in profit. Subsequently, a declining trend occurred from January 2018 and lasted until the first half of 2019.

The improvement come in the summer of 2019, when at a certain time was up to 90% of addresses were in profit. The period of volatility followed from the autumn, until we fell to the lowest possible values from the observed period in March this year.

In March, only 40% of addresses were in profit, but a sharp recovery of the market followed, and in May was more than 80% of addresses were in profit again, which continues to this day.

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