Starbucks bet on Blockchain, which will allow you to track coffee beans

Starbucks bet on Blockchain, which will allow you to track coffee beans
Starbucks, a world famous coffee seller, has successfully implemented Blockchain technology to provide customers an overview of their coffee.

Starbucks has announced a major technological innovation through Bloomberg, and blockchain is now part of this world famous coffee company. Starting this week, each coffee bag will have a code on which each customer can verify where their beans come from and also where they were roasted.

With this step, the company will not only increase transparency for customers, but will also significantly help farmers, who can finally monitor their production and final destination.

Michelle Burns, the company’s senior vice president of global coffee said:

We have been able to trace every coffee we buy from every farm for almost two decades,

That allowed us to have the foundation to now build a user-friendly, consumer-driven tool that certainly provides that trust and confidence to our customers that we know where all of our coffee comes from.

Nowadays, when consumers are increasingly interested in the quality of what they consume, Blockchain brings one of the best solutions.

Coffee from Starbucks can be traced back to a specific region, where you can check the place where it was grown and the farmer who supplied it.

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