Strong Battle on BITCOIN continues

Strong Battle on BITCOIN continues

It started on 9 February when the bulls decided to attack the magical border at bitcoin.

In today’s article we will look at how this battle is going on.

First attempt:
9 february bulls overcome 10,000$ and 10 february Bears pushed the price back below this threshold.
Second attempt:
11 february the bulls pushed bitcoin over 10,000$ and this time lasted until 15 february when the bears beat the bulls on the full line.
Third attempt:
16 february we have only a slight attempt to return above the magic threshold, it only took a few hours.
Fourth attempt:
February 18 bulls reversed this day and bitcoin won over 600$ hoping to win over 10,000$.
19 february bears showed even more power confirmed by dump and bitcoin fell more than 800$.

Since the last attempt, bitcoin has been traded below this magical border and when writing this article, bitcoin is worth 9890$ / BINANCE.

Such behavior is very dangerous for traders and we are experiencing very high volatility.

What we can expect:
Propably we will see a 10,000$ pump and drop to 9,700$ on monday to close CME gap and then all the way up again.


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