Team Hoard intorduced concept of blockchain game build on OmiseGO network

Team Hoard intorduced concept of blockchain game build on OmiseGO network

One of the most favorite Vitalik’s project OmiseGO can be proud for securing true ownership of items collected in playing game Plasma Dog, build by Hoard team. Last years video game industry start rapidly growing, what you can see for example on earnings of League of Legends players. Unfortunately everything what gamers collect or gain in games it is not their true property, because all video game assets are held by a custodian,?their games servers. In game with name Plasma Dog all collected assets are recorded on OmiseGO, Plasma architecture, the leading Ethereum Layer 2 solution. Plasma architecture allows scalability, with potentially billions of transactions per second in future.

Jun Hasegawa, CEO of OmiseGO:

“Hoard is making it possible for people to trade virtual goods and services. Monetizing secondary markets by facilitating game developers with a trusted platform is truly game-changing.”

Chris Robison from Hoard wrote in a blog post:

“True ownership is enabled when players have full control of the content of their gaming experience, including their avatars, XP & skills, in-game items, maps, and other customizations. If a player has true ownership of these items, they are free to conduct all types of commerce with them?—?buy, sell, share, rent, trade, etc on both primary and secondary markets. Player should even be free to import their items from one game into another.“


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