Tesla employees can now buy Bitcoin thanks to a new ATM installed directly in the factory

Tesla employees can now buy Bitcoin thanks to a new ATM installed directly in the factory
LibertyX Bitcoin ATM is now available to all Tesla Gigafactory Nevada employees.

Bitcoin fan, Will Reeves, was the first person to notice a Bitcoin ATM, which stands directly in the Tesla factory, and pointed this out on his twitter. Finbold also started to investigate this situation immediately, and he checked the whole situation.

According to Finbold, it is not clear yet when Bitcoin ATM was installed, but it was probably only recently, because so far only one comment has been written about it. However, in terms of functionality, according to LibertyX, it is already active and those who are interested can buy cryptocurrencies here at any time.

  • Tesla Gigafactory Nevada is a lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle subassembly factory in Storey County, Nevada.

This combination may be particularly interesting for US investors and traders, because according to the latest survey conducted by one of the most popular platforms for traders, Tesla and Bitcoin are the most watched assets in America.

Elon Musk, Co-founder and CEO of Tesla, never admitted to investing in cryptocurrencies himself, but in one tweet he revealed that he owned 0.25 BTC which was sent to him by a friend many years ago.

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