The Chinese city Suzhou is exploring the Blockchain Notary system

The Chinese city Suzhou is exploring the Blockchain Notary system

The Chinese media report on a new and first innovative system to serve administrations and to improve the transparency of correct law enforcement. This innovative model is in the spirit of “Blockchain + Notary”, as it combines blockchain technology and notary sector.

The system is designed to record the entire process of administrative law enforcement.

Main idea and the whole project came thanks to the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and Municipal Bureau of Justice. The basic areas in law enforcement to which the new system will be applied include personal freedom, life and health, and significant property rights.

The Chinese city Suzhou and the authorities see the main advantage in easy data storage, high security, protection against manipulation and traceability.

Blockchain technology ensures that the entire process is recorded and includes complete real-time audio and video tracks, fingerprints, timestamps, locations, and all other informations.

All data and files will be stored on the cloud platform “Suzhou Notary Chain”, which will also provide instant encrypted transmission. Whole process will be completely monitored in order to comply with the law.

” Suzhou Notary Chain ” will thus help citizens to protect their legal rights more effectively through better transparency and will also be able to regulate the behavior of administrative authorities.

The competent bureau plans as the next step training courses of staff so that they are sufficiently prepared for the real use of this innovative model.

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