Top 9 projects built on Kyber Network during EthSanFrancisco hackaton

Top 9 projects built on Kyber Network during EthSanFrancisco hackaton

On the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon EthSanFrancisco, teams of hackers introduced their ideas using Kyber Network. 9 from them were been selected by Kyber team and published on @KyberNetwork Twitter. You can find these amazing projects below.

1. Feth by the @BANKEX team allows you to sign and send transactions in Telegram and Facebook Messenger. By integrating Kyber, users can seamlessly swap or send ERC20 tokens to other users. Feth was our official Open Category API / Protocol prize winner!

2. Using CryptoPay, anyone can request for crypto payments, while allowing the payer to pay in their token of choice (via Kyber’s liquidity protocol), or with loans (via the creation of a CDP with MakerDAO). Great work @sowmay_jain @smykjain @sknampally!

3. With SplitterConverter, you can specify a list of receivers, their percentage shares, and the ERC20 token they each want. Then, send ETH and/or DAI to the deployed contract address. Really impressed how fast this was hacked together by @chriscassano!

4. dArbitrage by @hammadtariq is an iOS arbitrage app that takes advantage of the price differences between the decentralized markets of Kyber and Bancor directly in your iPhone. It was built using Kyber Network’s iOS Widget library. Check it out!

5. RobinBot helps recover funds of users from accidentally exposed private keys on GitHub. The ETH is swapped to DAI via Kyber and then lent out to generate interest. The owner can claim his saved funds any time. Such a cool project by @cryptocup_io team!

6.  delivers peer to peer loans to underserved communities by creating a P2P loan marketplace that is fully secure and more robust. The project uses Kyber to liquidate loan collaterals on-chain. Awesome concept made by the team!

7. The dAppraise protocol by @radicalvin allows users to post a hybrid of fungible and non-fungible assets as collateral for loans. Utilizing both Kyber and Dharma helps create a path to credit for those with zero ETH. Really cool!

8. The Ether Miner Payroll System divides mining rewards between employees and partners. The project will use Kyber to allow members to choose the payout token of their liking. Very cool stuff from Dante Alabastro!

9. Planck lets you short-sell directly into a custom portfolio of ETH and ERC20 tokens by utilizing both Kyber and Dharma. Using Kyber, it can also liquidate the debtor’s portfolio in order to pay back the creditor. Great work @boredGenius @skrishnan99!


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