Twitter CEO supports Bitcoin Blockchain and launches its own Bitcoin node

Twitter CEO supports Bitcoin Blockchain and launches its own Bitcoin node
Jack Dorsey, the founder of one of the most successful social networks, is increasing his involvement in the Bitcoin Blockchain.
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As we have already written, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a big fan of BTC which he confirmed in several interviews. Today, however, J. Dorsey surprised even more, when he published a screenshot on his account of how he launched his own Bitcoin node on his computer.

According to the screenshot, Jack opted for the Bitcoind software, which will now be able to help verify Bitcoin transactions. This screen also reveals that the software is currently in sync with the Bitcoin Blockchain, which will fully perform its function after downloading the history of the chain.

J. Dorsey’s attitude as a tech billionaire is particularly positive about Bitcoin when he said:

I believe that the currency reuse is a huge part of the answer, and I believe that the internet deserves and requires a native currency and that’s why I am such a huge believer in Bitcoin.

Jack has often compared Bitcoin to the Internet and thinks that when the Internet is number one for people, Bitcoin will be number two because “it will just allow for a lot more innovation, a lot more speed, in terms of what we can build and others can build, and it’s just really exciting.”

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