Twitter Starts Its NFT Support

The social network is integrating NFTs through the users’ profile pictures.

Twitter Starts Its NFT Support

As previously promised, Twitter Inc. has come with NFT support on its social media platform. From now on, users will have the possibility to upload their NFTs onto the platform and use it as profile pictures.

The impulse for implementing this new feature comes from Twitter’s vocal support of original artworks. The company thinks it important that artists have a way of showing their pieces to the world.

The NFT support comes with Twitter’s $2.99 monthly subscription product, Twitter Blue, as the program allows users to connect their profiles to their online wallets, where their non-fungible tokens are stored.

The NFT profile pictures will be distinguishable from the regular profile images by the way of being displayed as a hexagon, as opposed to a circle.

According to the company, the number of NFT-related tweets last year almost reached 256 million, which indicated high demand among the social network’s users. Twitter itself created and sold its own NFTs last year in June.

The new feature has been met with positive feedback from crypto enthusiasts and the Twitter community. It certainly is good news among the recent turbulent ups and downs that cryptocurrencies have been experiencing.

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