Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a Big Fan of BTC, he explains in an interview

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a Big Fan of BTC, he explains in an interview

American billionaire and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey took part in the interview with Lex Fridman (a Massachusetts scientist) and explains his position and views on Bitcoin.

We quote from an interview:

I believe that the currency reuse is a huge part of the answer, and I believe that the internet deserves and requires a native currency and that’s why I am such a huge believer in Bitcoin.

Our biggest problem as a company right now is we cannot act like an internet company.

To open a new market, we have to have a partnership with a local bank, we have to pay attention to different regulatory onboarding environments, and a digital currency like Bitcoin takes a bunch of that away, where we can potentially launch a product in every single market around the world because they’re all using the same currency and we have consistent understanding of regulation and onboarding and what that means.

“So, I think, you know, the internet continuing to be accessible to people is number one, and then I think currency is number two, and it will just allow for a lot more innovation, a lot more speed, in terms of what we can build and others can build, and it’s just really exciting.

“I want to be able to see that and feel that in my lifetime.”

Dorsey went on to describe his experience with entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, where are the biggest problems – payments, cross-border movement of money and the amount of corruption. He also thinks, the global currency that is the original currency for internet proxies is one very powerful concept.

Recently, we can see a lot of positive opinions about Bitcoin from well known celebrities and entrepreneurs, see also the opinion of Robert Kiyosaki – click here.

Watch the whole interview on youtube


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