US Skrill customers can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies

US Skrill customers can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • Paysafe’s Skrill merges with Coinbase to expand its US customer service offering with cryptocurrencies.

A multinational online payments company, Paysafe Group Limited, announces that their Skrill division has expanded its US offering to include digital currencies.

The skrill digital wallet began dealing with crypto as early as 2018, but only now, thanks to cooperation with Coinbase, it can enable the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in more than 37 US states. This crypto adaptation by Skrill comes after an agreement was reached that one of Coinbase’s most popular crypto exchanges would provide Skrill with a new cryptocurrency white label solution.

The enthusiasm was not hidden by the CEO of Skrill, NETELLER, and Income Access at Paysafe, Lorenzo Pellegrino, who stated:

U.S. consumer interest in cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading is stronger than ever, so we’re delighted to better serve our customers’ needs by launching our Skrill crypto offering in the country in partnership with Coinbase. Powered by Coinbase’s sophisticated platform, our crypto offering is just Skrill’s latest U.S. move to provide consumers with a best-in-class digital wallet.

The official report also assures everyone that this is only the first phase of the company’s expansion of cryptocurrencies within the United States, and that the service will soon be extended to other states.

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