Sovereign Wealth Funds are turning to NYDIG for interest in investing in Bitcoin

Sovereign Wealth Funds are turning to NYDIG for interest in investing in Bitcoin
  • NYDIG CEO Robert Gutmann confirmed that Sovereign Wealth Funds have already reached out to them and are starting to take an interest in Bitcoin.

We have only recently written that NYDIG expects to receive clients with a $ 25 billion Bitcoin investment by the end of the year, and today we have more hot news from this Bitcoin subsidiary of Stone Ridge.

These expectations were confirmed by Ross Stevens, Executive Chairman of NYDIG, who assured everyone that these were not just assumptions, as he had already received the order book for 2021.

Today, however, we have even more interesting statements this time from NYDIG CEO R. Gutmann, who  confirmed during Real Vision’s online Crypto Gathering event that unnamed sovereign wealth funds turned to them with requests to buy Bitcoins.

Former global hedge fund manager and Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal also took part in this topic, stating that he knows investment companies that have already invested in Bitcoin on behalf of Sovereign Wealth Funds. In this case, it was supposed to be Temasek Holdings, which is a venture fund of Singapore’s two Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Recall also Norwegian oil giant Aker, which established a new subsidiary to invest in the Bitcoin ecosystem just last month with an initial capitalization of NOK 500 million ($ 58 million). Aker and the companies where Aker is the largest shareholder achieved a total turnover of more than NOK 83 billion with an approximate number of employees of 37,000 in the last known accounting period (2019).

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