Visa plans to work with cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges

Visa plans to work with cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges
The CEO of Visa revealed the company’s new business strategy regarding cryptocurrencies.

After PayPal launched the cryptocurrency service and noticed a high level of interest in trading, information also emerges about other payment giants who are considering going in a similar direction.

The latest information concerns Visa, which as a payment product provider outlined a new crypto strategy in this week’s telephone interview.

According to The Block, CEO Alfred Kelly should have stated that the company plans to work with crypto wallets and exchange offices to enable users to make purchases in the fiat / crypto pair.

He also expressed an attitude towards cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which Visa views as “digital gold”, and also towards stablecoins, which he called “an emerging payments innovation that could have the potential to be used for global commerce.”

In conclusion, Kelly also said that he did not see the problem of adding a cryptocurrency as a payment option, but until then a specific digital currency must become a recognized means of exchange.

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