XRP’s volatility was higher in Q3 than that of BTC and ETH

XRP’s volatility was higher in Q3 than that of BTC and ETH
Team Ripple published an XRP markets report for Q3 in which we also learned that this cryptocurrency was accompanied by higher volatility.

Ripple comes up with this quarterly report regularly in order to provide sufficient transparency as well as information. In this report, Team Ripple analyzes in detail the XRP market, its behavior and all aspects related to the development of this market.

From this extensive report, we have selected the two most interesting facts, namely the increase in volatility and the daily volume for XRP.

In terms of volatility, XRP’s standard deviation of daily returns was in Q3 at 3.5%, an increase of 0.5% compared to Q2, which recorded 3.0%.

XRP also outperformed BTC with 3.2% and ETH with 3.3% this quarter.

The increase in volatility is thus probably closely related to the rapid increase in the average daily volume in Q3.

Team Ripple recorded an average daily volume of $ 403.58 million in Q3, an increase of 105.6% over Q2 of $ 196.28 million.

At the end of the report, Team Ripple also published a very concise comment on the market, which he named “Crypto as an Inflation Hedge” and wrote:

With central banks printing increased amounts of fiat currencies and federal governments passing record levels of fiscal stimulus, inflation concerns gripped the financial markets. Dollar debasement fears began to drive market narrative, leading to 18-month lows in the DXY, and record highs in Gold and Silver. As investors looked for ways to preserve their wealth in supply-limited assets, money naturally flowed into the crypto markets, driving BTC above the 12k mark for the first time in nearly a year.

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