Asset under custody by Huobi Trust Hong Kong has exceeded $1 billion

Interest in the custody of digital assets in Hong Kong is growing, as evidenced by the Huobi Trust, which already manages more than $1 billion.

Asset under custody by Huobi Trust Hong Kong has exceeded $1 billion

Huobi Trust Hong Kong, which was licensed as a trusted company in Hong Kong in April this year, announces the achievement of a major milestone.

This milestone is the amount of assets under custody, which exceeded $1 billion at the end of August.

The seamless product design, comprehensive functional modules and strong support from the listed company enable Huobi Trust Hong Kong to provide clients with a full range of high-quality virtual asset services for different business needs and scenarios. We aim to become the world’s leading virtual asset trust and custodian service provider. said spokesman from Huobi Trust Hong Kong

Huobi Trust Hong Kong has obtained a Company Service Provider (TCSP) license, which means that it must comply with strict Hong Kong regulations as well as AML / CTF requirements.

The fact just mentioned that Huobi Trust Hong Kong is able to meet even the strictest regulatory requirements, allows the company to offer its clients a truly secure and risk isolated custody of digital assets.

According to the official report, clients are mainly focused on digital banks, market makers, licensed lenders, virtual asset exchanges up to hedge funds.

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