Bears honestly protect the $ 20,000 price range on Bitcoin

Bears honestly protect the $ 20,000 price range on Bitcoin
Bitcoin has built a great position over the past week, but difficulties in the $ 20,000 area still persist.

What we are currently seeing in the Bitcoin market is a difficult struggle for a long-dreamed price tag that Bitcoin has not yet surpassed.

Since our last analysis, Bitcoin has managed to overcome the $ 19K resistance without any problems, and its steps have immediately led to the $ 20K price range. Here, however, it was far from easy for Bitcoin, and after reaching a maximum of $ 19,888 (binance), the bears sent him back to $ 18K in a short time.

Here, however, a particularly important situation arose for Bitcoin, when it managed to bounce back several times and turn until recently one of the strongest resistances in the $ 18.5K area to current support.

Bitcoin therefore still has a very good starting situation and important support, which can cover his back in the coming days and the bulls can attack again for $ 20K.

Technical analysis:

  • Strong support at $ 18.5K
  • Strong resistance at $ 19.5K
  • Psychological resistance at $ 20K 
  • Almost equal buying and selling volumes = neutral
  • Very important support at $ 15.7K – $ 16K and $ 14K

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