Bitcoin And Ethereum Accepted By Luxury Resort Chain

Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum are now accepted as payment methods by luxury resort chain Soneva.

Bitcoin And Ethereum Accepted By Luxury Resort Chain

Cryptocurrencies are spreading all over the world and becoming more popular. As a result, the hospitality sector has also started to accept crypto, Business Traveller report confirms.

Soneva, a big part of the hotel industry, is now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) at the hotels they own in the Maldives and Thailand. The transactions are made to be easy for customers to pay for their stay.

Bruce Bromley, chief financial officer and deputy CEO of Senova, said:

"At Soneva, we have always endeavored to be a pioneer in the hospitality industry, hence accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method is another example of enabling our international guests to easily make payments from anywhere in the world."

Soneva, in partnership with TripleA, a cryptocurrency payment provider, is trying to make travel easier by making more payment methods available. They are also in partnership with Pomelo Pay which uses QR codes for easy payment of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto is spreading quite quickly and there are gradually more people using it. It is convenient for everyone when crypto is accepted as a method of payment because if done properly, it provides a fast, safe, and secure alternative.

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