Bitcoin miners make huge profits of $ 1,000,000 per hour

Bitcoin miners make huge profits of $ 1,000,000 per hour
The latest statistics show that, in addition to Bitcoin investors, the miners themselves are most likely satisfied.

The whole world is currently focusing on the rising price of Bitcoin, but the price is not the only indicator that reaches high and significant numbers. The proof is also the latest statistics from analysts from glassnode, who closely monitored the development of Bitcoin miner revenue per hour in the period after halving and at present.

When we look at the graph we can see two important findings. The first is to cross a significant threshold, namely $ 1,000,000. The last time the miners had such high revenues was in July 2019.

The second important finding is that after a hard dump that followed the halving, these rewards increased by 185% at the end of the year.

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