Bitcoin whales (100 to 1k BTC) increased their holdings from December 2020 by + 331k BTC

Bitcoin whales (100 to 1k BTC) increased their holdings from December 2020 by + 331k BTC
  • Whales holding BTCs in the 100 to 1k BTC range have increased collective holding in just a few months by more than 300,000 BTCs.

Watching the biggest players in the Bitcoin market has always been interesting, which is why this time we bring you a look at how Bitcoin whales have behaved in recent months.

Thanks to analysts from glassnode, we can look at three categories: Octopus to Fish (10 to 100 BTC), Dolphin to Shark (100 to 1k BTC) and the last category Whale to Humpback (1k to 10k BTC).

As you can see from the chart in all three categories, there was a significant change in behavior after reaching $ 20k last December.

The first category, and thus investors who own between 10 and 100 BTC, reduced their holdings by -56k BTC. The second category called Dolphin to Shark (100 to 1k BTC) surprised the most when it increased its holdings by up to +331k BTC. In the last and therefore the category of the largest whales we can see a reduction in holdings of -307k BTC.

As for the result of all three categories, we see a slight decrease of -32k BTC representing only 0.24% of the total supply held by these whales.

An interesting finding in conclusion is the fact that whales, which own over 100 BTC currently hold 62.62% of the BTC supply.

This category has increased their total stake by 0.87% over the past 12 months.

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