Coachella to Offer Lifetime Passes as NFTs

The festivalgoers will soon benefit from blockchain technology as well.

Coachella to Offer Lifetime Passes as NFTs

Coachella, one of the largest annual US music festivals, will be releasing its own NFTs on February 4, as confirmed by its own website. Part of the collection will consist of lifetime VIP tickets to the festival.

The collectibles come as a part of a collaboration with FTX US, who kicked things off by buying 100,000 shares.

Apart from the usual collectibles, posters and photos, the NFTs offer includes lifetime VIP tickets and VIP experiences for the 2022 festival, such as stage access, luxury accommodation, and a dinner with a famous chef from the Rose Garden site.

Coachella's official Twitter account also shared information about a part of the proceeds that will be shared with several charity organizations.

The music festival in the desert thus becomes the second festival to offer NFTs after yet another famous US annual event Lollapalooza had offered them in 2021. However, Coachella now holds first place when it comes to offering NFT passes and other special festival perks.

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