Crypto Company Transfers Millions to an Australian Woman by Mistake accidentally approved a $10 million transaction, which is now struggling to retrieve.

Crypto Company Transfers Millions to an Australian Woman by Mistake

Last December,, a cryptocurrency trading platform discovered that it accidentally transferred $10.5 million to an Australian woman Thevamanogari Manive when the company was processing a $100 refund, the Guardian informs as the court case becomes public.

What is more, it took 7 months for the company, which operates as Foris GFS in Australia, to discover the error, only after paying the Hollywood star Matt Damon for shooting their commercial. launched legal action in the Victorian supreme court this year and was granted a freeze to Manivel’s Commonwealth Bank account in February. The court stated that Manivel had used $1.35 million to buy a four-bedroom home in the north of Melbourne and the ownership of the property had later been transferred to Manivel’s sister Thilagavathy Gangadory.

Freezing Gangadory’s orders was unsuccessful, since she never responded to emails from’s solicitors. As a result, obtained a default ruling, forcing Gangadory to sell the property as soon as possible and transfer the money to with an interest of $27,369.64.

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