Crypto-related Work Positions Underwent a Record Surge Last Year

Job listings on LinkedIn that have to do with crypto rose almost 400% last year.

Crypto-related Work Positions Underwent a Record Surge Last Year

After a tremendous year for crypto, when Bitcoin was reaching “Empire State” heights and NFTs were on everyone’s lips, LinkedIn comes with news about a record spike in job postings related to cryptocurrencies.

According to their official news account, job listings that contained the terms “Bitcoin,” “Ethereum,” “blockchain,” and “cryptocurrency” grew 395% from the year prior, and that is in the United States alone.

Compared to the technology sector as such, the cryptocurrency industry surpassed it fourfold, as the tech sector job position listings grew only 98%.

Moreover, the crypto work positions no longer only consist of hiring miners and traders. The industry is starting to show signs of maturing by opening job positions related to crypto in the fields of consulting, staffing, accounting, and computer hardware, to mention a few.

This is yet another sign of cryptocurrencies growing into the mainstream market, after reaching a $3 trillion volume last year. Plus, $30 billion have been poured into crypto startups, which largely helped to propel its adoption.

At this point, we can only expect that crypto popularity will further rise in 2022, as its trajectory currently shows.

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