Crypto under the Christmas Tree? Australians Say, Why Not?

A survey shows almost 26% of Australians with previous experience in crypto are considering buying cryptocurrencies as Christmas presents.

Crypto under the Christmas Tree? Australians Say, Why Not?

A survey consisting of 2,020 Australian citizens aged 18-59 has brought interesting results. 25.8% of all the respondents have confirmed they were considering buying cryptocurrency-related Christmas gifts. While most of the positive answers came from the younger group under 44, all the respondents have confirmed to have previous experience with crypto. - survey

Of those in favor of buying crypto as presents, 53% were considering gifting their loved ones Bitcoin and Ethereum. 41.8% have been thinking about coin vouchers, while 29.2% would rather go for the recently popularized NFTs. - survey

The survey also shows that Australians are keen on online shopping, as more than two-thirds (67.2%) prefer this option over traveling to shops. 7.5% of the respondents have stated they would like to use crypto as a form of online payment, while 65% have agreed that there are other uses of crypto than a part of your portfolio. - survey

When asked about which use of crypto most resonated with the respondents, 65.4% have said “Making payments”, while 40.9% stated “Store of value.” - survey

The survey provides yet another confirmation that crypto is becoming ever so slightly more attractive to the general public. And with the upcoming holiday season, the enthusiasm around crypto gifts could propel further rise in the value of cryptocurrencies, which the community would very much welcome.

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