DeFi has already almost 3M users, but TVL is falling below $ 50B

The market for DeFi applications and services shows a high level of interest from users, on the other hand, the value of TVL is declining.

DeFi has already almost 3M users, but TVL is falling below $ 50B

Despite the fact that almost all crypto markets are currently falling and losing value, the DeFi market is still showing increased interest and growth in users.

Therefore, we currently see two contrasting situations in the DeFi market, namely the rapidly growing number of users, which reach almost 3M, but at the same time a decrease in the value of TVL below the magical limit of $ 50B.

Total DeFi users is currently 2.84M, which is an increase since the beginning of this year when they were only about 90K by 3065%.

Dune Analytics

As for the indicator, which is tracking Total Value Locked in DeFi, we can see the opposite scenario, namely the fall below the mentioned limit of $ 50B.

DeFi Pulse

Total Value Locked in DeFi lost -43% to date from its ATH ($ 86.37B) measured in May. At the time of writing, TVL in DeFi was $ 49.06B.

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