Deutsche Boerse launches the well-known Bitcoin ETP

Deutsche Boerse launches the well-known Bitcoin ETP

The Frankfurt company Deutsche Boerse has agreed with the world’s leading crypto issuer ETP 21Shares AG to list Bitcoin ETP on the digital market of D. Boers’ Xetra.

Swiss company 21Shares AG has been operating on the German market since January 2020, and from July 2 Bitcoin ETP (ISIN: CH0454664001 – WKN: A2T64E) will also be officially listed, informs yahoo.

Laurent Kssis, Managing Director at 21Shares AG, says:

Our products have been available in Germany since we set foot at the beginning of the year thanks to all our German partners that made it possible. The listing on Xetra not only strengthens our current position in Germany but also opens up institutional-grade crypto products to the wider European and international markets. We look forward to bringing more novel asset classes to more demanding investors. Crypto is now ever more easy to access.

Michael Lie, Head of Digital Assets at Flow Traders, says:

Flow Traders has been working with 21Shares since November 2018 and views the increasing amount of crypto ETPs being listed in Europe as an extremely positive development for the market. As such it was a natural decision for us to participate as the Designated Sponsor on one of Europe’s largest exchanges. We are delighted to continue this effort and support 21Shares.

21Shares anticipates to further dual list its signatory crypto basket ETP HODL (ISIN: CH0445689208) as soon it obtains regulatory clearance.

The Swiss company already has offices in Zurich, New York City and Berlin.

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