Dogecoin Gainers and Losers in Perfect Balance

The latest data shows the number of investors who made profits on Doge equals those who made losses.

Dogecoin Gainers and Losers in Perfect Balance

In the first half of 2021, the Dogecoin value was at its highest — 0.6055 EUR or 0.7364 USD. May 8, 2021, was the last date when the coin surpassed all of its previous prices. This meme cryptocurrency has since then been continuously fluctuating in its value and these events have highly affected the profits of many investors from DOGE.

The data present that as of July 14th, 2022, around 48% of DOGE owners were in profit, whereas the other 48% were in loss. Fortunately for the remaining 4%, they got out of it even.

Owners of DOGE in profit and losses — CoinMarketCap

It was confirmed, that the price of the coin had dropped around 14% in the last 2 months. The lowest point since the price increase of the Dogecoin was reaching as low as 0.04737 EUR or 0.04972 USD. Dogecoin’s profits are reaching flat levels as the struggle with the bear market continues.

As the profitability increases, many owners would prefer to empty out their Dogecoin savings to gain profits and stay away from risking more, while other holders would wait for the recovery after the flatline.

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