ETC Group listing its crypto products on the Vienna Stock Exchange

The well-known company ETC Group, which provides popular cryptocurrency ETPs, which are 100% asset-backed, enters the Austrian national stock market.

ETC Group listing its crypto products on the Vienna Stock Exchange

ETC Group, focusing on the provision of crypto-backed securities, announces that their investment products will now also be able to be traded on the well-known Vienna Stock Exchange.

In an official report, ETC Group confirmed the listing of the following crypto ETPs:

  • ETC Group Physical Bitcoin (ticker: BTCE) - and the first listing of a Litecoin based ETP - LTCetc: ETC Group’s Physical Litecoin ETC (ticker: ELTC). ETC Group is also listing its Ethereum ETP - ETHetc: ETC Group Physical Ethereum ETC (ticker: ZETH).

In this case, Austrian investors, who have so far focused only on conventional shares, have the opportunity to trade in a similar style with cryptocurrencies, because the regulatory protection is the same.

We are delighted to list in Austria and on such a respected stock exchange as Wiener Börse. ETC Group provides exposure to bitcoin, ether, and litecoin through our 100% physically backed cryptocurrency ETPs. Bringing our entire portfolio to the Vienna Stock Exchange continues ETC Group’s leadership of the crypto ETP market by launching innovative digital asset classes for institutional and retail investors across European and global exchanges. said Bradley Duke, CEO of ETC Group

ETC Group is no newcomer, it has been specializing in the development of innovative digital asset-backed securities for many years, which has earned the support of several major London financial institutions. Well-known shareholders include, for example, XTX Ventures and XTX Markets, while HANetf takes care of the issuance of securities.

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