Great News for ETH 2.0, First block was successfully mined

Great News for ETH 2.0, First block was successfully mined

As we could learn a few hours ago at the official reddit of Ethereum, the first block was successfully mined and confirmed.

It looks like Ethereum 2.0 is well on its way, and this report confirms that Testnet is running successfully. As mentioned in our article from 3 days ago, Prysmatic Labs called ‘The Topaz Testnet’ takes care of testing.

Preston Van Loon Co-Founder at Prysmatic Labs explained the conditions for joining the test as follows: “For Topaz, validators are going to have to deposit the full 32 ETH on the Goerli ETH1 testnet to participate. To remain true to our original vision, Diamond represents the mainnet release of Prysm in Ethereum 2.0.

He also added: “The Topaz test network is unique as it represents the full Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 mainnet configuration. In the previous testnet, Sapphire, we targeted mainnet scale but used smaller 3.2 ETH deposits.”

Read our article about Prysmatic Labs and starting ETH 2.0 testing: click here


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