Is Ethereum in danger? In recent days, it has lost up to 60% of all nodes

The second most popular cryptocurrency, ETH, has lost a significant proportion of the nodes that ensure network security.

Is Ethereum in danger? In recent days, it has lost up to 60% of all nodes

At present, almost all attention is paid to the fact that the price of ETH is rising again towards ATH, but few point out that network security is at risk.

This critical situation taking place in the Ethereum network can be monitored using the analytical tool ETH Node Tracker, which shows statistics of all the nodes running on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum Node Tracker

The Ethereum network faced the biggest collapse in the network just a few days ago, on August 30, when it lost up to 62% of all nodes. Last Sunday, 8367 nodes were recorded in the network, while at the beginning of the week it was only 3148 of all nodes.

When we look at specific countries, among the ones that have lost the most nodes in recent days are Russia, the United States, Japan but also Germany.

At the time of writing, 3,473 nodes have been found, which means only a minimal recovery and increase since Monday's collapse.

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