Is Spotify Testing NFTs?

Reports surface of the music streaming giant cooperating with artists on NFT galleries.

Is Spotify Testing NFTs?

The world of music might soon venture into the non-fungible token territory, as Spotify is reportedly testing the inclusion of NFT galleries on the profiles of several artists. With this decision, the platform aims to enhance the user experience.

The test of the NFT integration started running last week in the US and was made available for Android users, who could view previews of certain artists’ NFT collections through the app and later be redirected to the OpenSea gallery if they were interested in buying the art.

The company has addressed the tests as “an effort to improve artist and fan experiences,” while adding some of the arts are “paving the way for a broader experience,” while others “serve only as an important learning.”

While an official statement from the streaming giant is yet to come, the reports state that it will not be taking part in splitting the profit shares during this trial phase.

Many musical artists have expressed their fascination and their interest in pursuing their own non-fungible tokens, and Spotify venturing into these waters could help them create a completely new environment for sharing their art.

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