Jack Daniels Joins Other Tycoon Brands in the Metaverse

Jack Daniels is entering the virtual world of NFT.

Jack Daniels Joins Other Tycoon Brands in the Metaverse

It seems that the Metaverse has gained yet another strong player. This time, the virtual world is joined by none other than the Tennessee Whiskey producer, Jack Daniels itself.

Michael Kondoudis, the trademark attorney of Jack Daniels announced the news on September 19, 2022, via Twitter:

The brand will allow holders to redeem physical bottles along with the virtual ones in the digital world through an NFT. Moreover, the company shall also provide NFT versions of authenticated media, barware, clothing, digital wallets, and collectibles in the metaverse.

The Whiskey brand thus joins several global companies that have invested in Web3 technologies and development in recent months. Some big names among them worth noting are Absolut Vodka, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Gucci, Prada, Versace, or even McDonald’s.

Furthermore, as Jack Daniels wishes to provide downloadable software to provide information in the field of beverages and clothing, the company did not reveal more specific details about its plans for the metaverse. The Tennessee whiskey maker only makes it clear that they are zealous on Web3.

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