Judiciary of Thailand will transfer court records to the Blockchain

Judiciary of Thailand will transfer court records to the Blockchain
Thai judiciary will soon undergo a major digitization and will be linked to a blockchain.

The “Thailand 4.0” economic model, which focuses on economic challenges, comes with the modernization of the judiciary. Informs DH of this, and also writes that the court plans to move all current records and documents into a distributed ledger by 2021.

Four Objectives of Thailand 4.0

  • Economic Prosperity: to create a value-based economy that is driven by innovation, technology and creativity.
  • Social Well-being: to create a society that moves forward without leaving anyone behind (inclusive society) through realization of the full potential of all members of society.
  • Raising Human Values: to transform Thais into “Competent human beings in the 21sth Century” and “Thais 4.0 in the first world.
  • Environmental Protection: to become a livable society that possesses an economic system capable of adjusting to climate change and low carbon society.

Thailand should be the first country in which a judicial authority uses blockchain technology and fully integrates records. As part of this change, the country is already preparing training for court officials to be ready for using the new platform.

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