Monkey Drainer Shuts Down Their Services

Around 13 million USD worth of digital assets were stolen by Monkey Drainer’s phishing kit.

Monkey Drainer Shuts Down Their Services

A notorious crypto scammer Monkey Drainer posted on Telegram that they shut down their services last week, Cryptoslate confirms. Scammer advised young cybercriminals not to “lose themselves in the pursuit of easy money” as well as stating how “operating large scale cybercrime” requires a lot of dedication.

“All files, servers, and devices related to monkey drainer will be destroyed immediately. Monkey Drainer will not return,” said Monkey Drainer.

The whole reason for the shutdown was not disclosed, although they said they were moving to something better than ever.

CertiK, a blockchain security company, reported that the scam operation began in 2022 by providing phishing kits for other scammers. In the report, it is estimated that roughly 13 million USD worth of digital assets were stolen using the kits. Some similar drainers were adopting Monkey’s method too, reported CertiK. One similar service that Monkey Drainer recommended as an alternative was Venom Drainer.

As scammers steal assets using the phishing kit, Monkey Drainer takes its 30% commission from the kit users.

Peckshield reported that wallets allegedly belonging to scammers have transferred 200 Ethereum (ETH) to Tornado Cash, a type of mixing protocol. In total, the wallets hold a balance of 840 ETH. According to ZachXBT, Monkey Drained was also involved in stealing over 700 ETH, as well as scammers stealing around 520 ETH worth of NFTs.

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