Napoleon’s Belongings Auctioned as NFTs

A French gallery is organizing an auction where they will sell artifacts as non-fungible tokens for the first time in history.

Napoleon’s Belongings Auctioned as NFTs

Imperial Arts in France will organize an auction this Thursday where they will make history by selling NFTs backed by real-life physical artifacts. More precisely, the artifacts in question are Napoleon Buonaparte’s personal belongings.

The art gallery is organizing the event in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the emperor’s death. A total of five personal objects will get sold to the highest bidder via the OpenSea digital platform, which will link them onto a blockchain.

Some of the prominent objects getting auctioned are Napoleon’s cane from Saint Helena, a letter with his original handwriting addressed to one of his generals, and a small framed portrait of him.

We are extremely proud to launch this ambitious and unique project in the art market, especially on such a special date,” says Tarik Bougherira, the Arts gallery founder, while also adding: “Imperial Arts is now setting a milestone for what I believe will be our market in the future. I also hope that through this operation we can bring the passion of art collecting to a new kind of audience.

Napoleon Buonaparte is a significant figure of French history that stood at the beginning of the French revolution and helped France eliminate the monarchy and bring equality among its people. It seems very fitting that he is involved in yet another step towards the future two hundred years later.

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