NFTs Saving Koalas

The KRebels project is donating its proceeds to foundations working towards saving Koalas.

NFTs Saving Koalas

The initiative Koala Rebels is living proof that NFTs and art are more than capable to be used for a good cause. The goal of their project is to not only raise awareness of this endangered species but also raise funds for saving their habitats.

KRebeles have come up with 9,999 unique collectible Koala based artworks, an “avant-guard” rendition of these animals, that are being sold as NFTs. Thus, the initiative connects art, state-of-the-art technology, and saving animals.

The year is 2099, the eucalyptus has disappeared from the earth's surface and the Koalas are very angry. However, they didn't count on the genetically enhanced ferocity and cunning traits of the Koalas to build the Koala Rebels movement,” states the official KRebels website.

The project is based on the sad reality of the rapid loss of the eucalyptus habitats, resulting in the fact that at the current pace, the koalas might go extinct before the year 2050.

“The idea emerged from one of the team members who was a witness to what happened to koalas during the wildfires in Australia,” the creators explain.

NFTs’ uniqueness creates a natural demand and steady value for artworks such as these, while guaranteeing bulletproof ownership of them thanks to its blockchain nature. KRebels might be the first initiative of its kind, but surely they will not be the last, as NFTs are gaining popularity and utilization in various sectors of life.

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