Nike enters the world of cryptocurrencies with a new reward system

Nike enters the world of cryptocurrencies with a new reward system

Cryptocurrencies are again getting closer to everyday life, as evidenced by the latest report from the world-famous shoe company Nike and his involvement in rewards system through crypto.

Nike has confirmed its partnership with technology startup Plutus, which offers financial technologies in London. The result of the cooperation is a reward system that will unlock 3% of your purchase in cryptocurrencies and 9% in cash.

Plutus created and has its own Pluton token (PLU), which runs on the decentralized Ethereum network and is used to pay rewards.

PLU token owners can get even more benefits if they insert their tokens through the Plutus application.

To receive rewards you must use the Plutus Visa Card, and the payment must be made in Euros or British Pounds, because the company operates only in Europe and the United Kingdom.


This step by Nike once again confirms the interest of the largest and most well-known companies in the latest financial technologies and digital currencies.

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