Playstation 5 has been hacked to mining cryptocurrencies

Playstation 5 has been hacked to mining cryptocurrencies
  • A photo has appeared on the Internet confirming the successful launch of ETH mining on the Sony Playstation 5.

If you previously thought that mining cryptocurrencies on a game console is impossible, an unknown Chinese enthusiast will probably convince you otherwise.

The Gizchina website informed about this deed today, which published a photo in which it is possible to see that ETH mining with an output of 98.76 MH / s and a power consumption of 211W is running on the console.

To achieve this performance, however, it is highly likely that the console was overclocked in addition to hacking, because its original performance should correspond to the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, which reaches 50 MH / s.

According to information, this is not the first attempt of this enthusiast when he had only recently launched the process of mining ETH on a MacBook Air with an Apple M1 SoC.

Finally, we remind you that this is not verified information and may be a joke.

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