Secure your pension with cryptocurrencies, recommends Bitcoin IRA

Secure your pension with cryptocurrencies, recommends Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is one of the first companies which offered complete solutions for the purchase of cryptocurrencies, and in a new video explains as you can secure a pension with cryptocurrencies.

The company released a new video called “How to Retire With Crypto”:

In the video, the IRA emphasizes the fact that Bitcoin is the best performing asset in the last 5 years and compared to the S&P 500, which achieved a rating of + 40%, that of BTC was + 3500%.

Bitcoin IRA has also recently launched several new programs aimed at investing in cryptocurrencies, informs PR Newswire. The classic program allows you to buy cryptocurrencies at your own discretion, but from now on you can also choose the new SAVER program in the form of a pension account, where you can send $ 100 a month.

This platform also offers the purchase of physical gold and together with cryptocurrencies you can create an interesting portfolio.

The company’s goal is 100% transparency, by which wants to help its clients achieve pre-retirement goals, all along with cryptocurrencies.


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