The leading Swiss stock exchange is listing the new Bitcoin ETP

The leading Swiss stock exchange is listing the new Bitcoin ETP
The Backbone of the Swiss Financial Center, SIX welcomes ETC Group as new ETP issuer.
Switzerland flag and sphinx observatory at top of jungfraujoch 

The Swiss Stock Exchange, the world’s leading marketplace for regulated crypto products, announces a new partnership with the ETC Group. From now on, ETC Group will be the new issuer to have the BTCetc Bitcoin ETP product listed on the Swiss SIX Stock Exchange.

We welcome ETC Group to the family of ETP providers offering their products at SIX. With the new product, investors gain access to 100 different crypto products trading on our platform and with this have even more opportunities to diversify their portfolio.

Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange, Markets, SIX

The newly listed BTCE product is focused on the development of the price of bitcoin and is 100% physically backed. Investors are thus assured that this is a transparent way to obtain exposure to Bitcoin.

All this thanks to ETC Group’s specializations in the innovative digital asset-backed securities and support from major financial institutions in London.

As for the Swiss Stock Exchange, 2020 was extremely successful for it when trading turnover in crypto products exceeded CHF 1.1 billion.

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