The U.S. is behind the sharp rise in Bitcoin searches on Google

The U.S. is behind the sharp rise in Bitcoin searches on Google
Google Trends has seen a more than twofold increase in interest in Bitcoin search this month.

According to Google Trends, interest in Bitcoin is increasing, which confirms the rapid increase in search statistics, especially in the U.S..

Bitcoin has experienced a slowdown in Google search since mid-summer, but these days we are seeing a significant change. Google Trends saw a sharp and more than twofold increase in search interest on October 22, and it looks like it continues to this day.

As you can see in the first picture on October 22, Bitcoin achieved the highest popularity of the term at 100, which is compared to the lowest value of 45, which was achieved on October 4, an increase of 122%. Bitcoin was last at these levels on August 2 this year.

But let’s also look at where Bitcoin has been sought after the most in the last 7 days.

Of all the countries, the United States saw the largest increase in search, so Bitcoin seems to be a very hot topic among U.S. citizens in the context of the upcoming presidential election.

Of all the U.S. states, Bitcoin is the most sought after in Nevada, California, New York, Washington and even Hawaii. However, countries such as Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, The District of Columbia and Massachusetts were also included in the table.

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