Vitalik Buterin and his roadmap, how will looks like ETH2

Vitalik Buterin and his roadmap, how will looks like ETH2

Vitalik Buterin published a plan that reflects his own views, perspectives and future versions.
Details will be complemented and also changed according to new technologies.

ethereum 2
ETH2 roadmap

Creator of ETH wrote:

“In general, over the last ~2 years there has been a solid shift from “blue sky” research, trying to understand what is possible, to concrete research and development, trying to optimize specific primitives that we know are implementable and implement them.”

“We know much more about the capabilities and limits of proof of stake, security models of sharding, etc etc. Thanks to the hard work of many, moon math like ZK-SNARKs is looking increasingly down-to-earth.”

“Over the last ~2 years there has been an increasing move toward maintaining compatibility and ensuring a smooth transition for applications, as well as making eth1.x and eth2 fit together as part of a coherent vision.”

“There is less reason than ever to fear ever-growing complexity; the “quadratic sharding as end of history” approach ensures there will not need to be a further upgrade as large as the eth1 -> eth2 one; rather, from eth2 onwards things will be much more incremental.”

Many changes in Ethereum 2 aim to reduce complexity

“Look forward to seeing great work continue to happen and for all of this to be put into action!” said Vitalik

About ETH2

ETH2 is the next generation of Ethereum, but it’s a different project.

ETH2 wants

  • improve scalability
  • security
  • programmability

Compared to 15 TPS(ETH1), ETH2 will handle tens of thousands of transactions per second in one chain. Ethereum 2 will introduce a more secure mechanism called Proof of Stake as opposed to Proof of Work, which can be seen with ETH1 and BTC.

Traditional Blockchain Network vs ETH2(by Chromatic Capital)

ethereum 2

When will ETH2 be launched?
The exact date is uncertain, but the current assumption is Q2 / Q3 in 2020.

We keep our fingers crossed for the creators and look forward to ETH2.

Follow the news on Vitalik’s twitter


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