Vitalik Buterin Makes a Generous Donation to Ukraine

The Ethereum founder has donated $5 million worth of Ethereum to the war-torn country.

Vitalik Buterin Makes a Generous Donation to Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues for the seventh week now. As the pointless war rages, more and more support for the oppressed country comes from various sources, and crypto is no exception to that.

The latest support realized through digital assets comes from the Ethereum creator himself, Vitalik Buterin, who generously donated $2.5 million worth of ETH to Aid for Ukraine and similarly, $2.5 million to Unchain Fund.

Aid For Ukraine has informed about this in their recent tweet, in which they wrote:

“Vitalik Buterin donated almost $2.5M in $ETH to Aid For Ukraine 2 days ago, and didn't say a word! He's also donated $2.5M to Unchain Fund.”

The ETH creator has not made any official announcement about his donation, which speaks volumes about his humble and pure intentions to help the country. The foundation was only able to find out by recognizing Vitalik’s official registered Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name, ‘vitalik.eth.’

As of this time, the crypto donations to Ukraine have surpassed $100 million, officially reaching this milestone two weeks ago on March 28 and further growing since. As the whole world firmly stands with Ukraine, the crypto community stands with it.

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